Devin Townsend: hilarious wise cracks from NAMM 2016

00:20 Deadhead
06:40 Kingdom (In the key of C, one semi tone higher, astounding vocal performance)
09:34 Love? (strapping young lad)
12:57 Sister (heavy version)
13:33 Hyperdrive
14:38 Love? (Again)
15:10 Let It Roll
18:12 Earth Day
19:40 Deconstruction
20:38 Slow Me Down

If you are aware of Devin Townsend(which you should be), you already know he loves to let his personality shine in his music. Something I've always loved about Devin is he doesn't take him self too seriously. His ability to seamless blend his musical talents with jokes and wise cracks sets him aside from a lot of the other people in the metal scene. His performance at the FIshman booth at NAMM 2016 was easily the most entertaining demo of the weekend. I know this is a long one to sit all the way through, but Townsend makes it worth the watch. Enjoy, share, and SUBSCRIBE!

NAMM 2016: Devin Townsend is hilarious