Julian Rodriguez: Brand new project "Black and White" from the guitarist of Elitist

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Hey guys, Julian here. You may remember me from my band Elitist, or you may have simply been intrigued by the teaser video. Either way, I am here to tell you that since the closing of the band, I have been writing and demoing out ideas for my next project called "Black and White". This is an entirely new musical concept that captures the essence of where I am musically here and now in 2016. "Black and White" is both the name of the project, and title of the first studio album, whereby the music will go from heavier and darker sounds (Black) and transition to prettier and lighter sounds (White) as the album progresses. As of now my plans are to have this completely instrumental. All music is written by me with the exception of a few guest guitar solo contributions which I am very excited about. Without the need to satisfy whats "cool" in the music industry for success, label, or monetary reasons, I am finally able to make music with no limitations or parameters, something I haven't been able to do since 2010 when I wrote the first Elitist EP "Caves". I believe the parameters and trends of the industry are detracting from what makes this metal/rock/prog/djent genre FUN, and I am crafting this album in aims of restoring just that. Music has always been my passion and although I have been somewhat in the shadows musically since the last Elitist album, I have been hard at work at my home studio writing songs that I will be taking into a full studio in the coming months. I am turning to fans and friends to help me achieve my funding goals to make this project and album possible.

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