Brett Garsed: wears Allan Holdsworth t-shirt for six part series in Guitar Techniques magazine

Guitar Techniques magazine presents an exclusive six part series with Australian guitarist, Brett Garsed about soloing, scale usage and stylistic approaches. Backing tracks composed, performed and recorded by Jason Sidwell.
GT257 - Dark Highway (UK issue on sale 11/5/16)
GT258 - Slam Bam (UK issue on sale 8/6/16)
GT259 - Beyond The Void (UK issue on sale 6/7/16)
GT260 - Grasshopper (UK issue on sale 3/8/16)
GT261 - The Investigation Of Johnny F (UK issue on sale 31/8/16)
GT262 - Chill Diggery (UK issue on sale 28/9/16)
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Brett Garsed's six part series in Guitar Techniques magazine (HD)

Brett Garsed - Dark Highway (HD)