Rob Scallon: Kudos to Rob for pointing Facebook's form to take down copyrighted videos posted by others without your permission

Rob Scallon
Facebook now has an actual copyright form where you can bulk input ripped videos. And from what I hear, it actually does something.

On one hand it was sad to search for some of my most popular videos here on Facebook and see the millions of views they've driven on ripped videos.

On another hand it was gratifying to put in 30 or so of the bigger ripped ones into the form like, "You're going down! You're going down! You're going down!"

Will report here soon when I know if it worked or not.
This is so long overdue. Will be great once this is just automated somehow so stolen just won't go up to begin with, like on youtube.

EDIT: did get a response, I put in the comments. Videos were taken down or disabled smile emoticon