Gideon Voon, Jordan Olsen: Mechanical Hearts by Gidzvoon - instrumental rock progressive from Auckland

Formed in 2014, Gidzvoon in an instrumental rock project that was instilled in the heart of Gideon Voon that includes a selection of some of the best young and upcoming musicians.

GIDZVOON is in the process of releasing their debut EP "Mechanical Hearts". Released early 2016

Gideon Voon-Guitar  
Jordan Olsen-Guitar/Keys
Aaron Strickland-Bass
Elijah Whyte-Drums

1. Mechanical Hearts 03:21
2. Subconscious Virus 03:34
3. For Grandma 03:44
4. Victorious 03:38
5. A Reason for Another Chance 04:28

released April 24, 2016