Nick Johnston: Signature Schecter Custom Shop Guitar NAMM

Sam Bell: The Earth Completes Another Rotation: E.P Stream

Paul Kiss: Voodoo Vibe plus Roger Mayer

Achilleas Diamantis: GAS Pickups - GAS Fusion - GAS PAFoid N+ Fusion

John Goodsall: Brand X - Live at The Baked Potato, Los Angeles in 1999

Adam Ironside: Jaden Rose - Tachyon 7 and Album 3

Marco Iacobini, Mike Terrana, Anna Portalupi, Stefano Sastro: Tip's Included Live in Roma

Francesco Filigoi: Abiogenesis - Visualize

Bill LoNero: PreOrder your signed copy of LoNero’s upcoming CD “The Defiant Machine”.

Paul Wardingham: the making of The Human Affliction

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku: Seven Seas‬ CD Release!

Divaldi Addina: My Tribute to Guitar Gods in Medley

Alejandra Mesliuk: Perfumes - promoting the album Awen - Two Handed Tapping

Chris Broderick: Louder Noise interview - Act of Defiance on Leaving Megadeth

Leonardo Guzman: Big Tones - Late Night Improv over Rick Graham's BT

Jarle H Olsen: Domination Of Phrygia! monster soloing!

Kelly Simonz: Little Savage - Yngwie Malmsteen - 46th Birthday Concert

Michael Lee Firkins: "Sweep & Blues Phrasing" - Guitar Lesson

Kiko Loureiro: Jazz Metal Brasilero show announced in Bucharest

Derryl Gabel: Guest Solo on NIDK with Mike Stern, Frank Gambale and Oz Noy

Jon Finn, Joe Hart, Steve Marchena: You Shook Me jam

Kirk Fletcher: How to make a Blues Guitar Solo

Alfred Potter: "Red Shift" E mixolydian Solo

Federico Zuccarelli: Construct Paradise - Haunt Me - Guitar Playthrough

Andy Timmons, Jonatha Bastos: impromptu version of Cry For You!!! - amazing performance

Cynthia Maalouf: Fender Telecaster Elite Thinline 2016

Ola Englund: Mooer Blade Distortion - Quick test

Katalina González: OverDrive SD1 BOSS

Michael Wahl Berardi: Guitar Tapping Guitar Synth

Mark Holcomb: PRS Guitars Unveils New SE Signature Model with Periphery’s

Gerson Antezana: performs like the wind!

Atanas Shishkov: Ibanez Prestige RG2550EX GK

Andy Othling: Lowercase Noises - 06.28.16 - Léttir

Darrell Braun: Fender vs Ibanez - Guitar Tone Comparison!

Hedras Ramos: special version of Virtual Tangles for Positive Grid

Jason Becker: Message for Melody Writing Contest!

I Wayan Balawan: Jazz Standards from an incredible two handed tapper.

Silvio Gazquez: en guitar fest 2009

Rowan J Parker: Robot Licks! - Episode Four - Paul Gilbert Sixes

Roberto Restuccia: Messin with the strat

Drew Henderson: J.S. Bach on 8-string guitar. Adagio and Fuga BWV 1003

Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Ascension from Reverse Engineering

Albert Houwaart: Evil Paradise teaser ( practice Run)

Steve Lynch: Autograph - Turn Up The Radio live again! 2016

Divaldi Addina: 14yr female rips it up on Baroque n' Roll at Nuansa Musik Kelapa Gading 2016

Dimi Nalbantov: Happiness is Found within

Scott McGill: Skype Guitar Instructor - Yusef Lateef's "Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns"