Niko Tsonev: Sweeped Diminished Arpeggios

Hi everybody, this (1st YT) mini guitar lesson looks into 'sweep picking' Diminished Arpeggios over 6 strings.

Most often than not Diminished symmetrical figures are applied up and down the fretboard over 3 strings, but the 6 string spread gives them a gutsier, more flowing sound, especially when combined with wide interval position changes.

This sound is somewhat similar to the way players such as Mattias IA Eklundh, Mr. Fastfinger and Ritchie Kotzen use sweeped arpeggios, and the approach also helps in no small way to 'visualize the grid' of your fretboard.

Hope you can apply your own magic with this approach, and get in touch if interested in one to one lessons - Skype or in person.

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Sweeped Diminished Arpeggios - YT guitar lesson 1.