Chelsea Constable: Signature Tone/Lesson - Intro "Cliffs of Dover" By Eric Johnson

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you check out my new TC Electronic "Signature Tone Series". This is a series where I will be doing a signature tone of some of my favorite guitarists utilizing some of TC Electronic's amazing products. I also want to thank Suhr Custom Guitars, amps, and pickups (guitar used - Suhr Classic Pro, amp used Suhr Hedgehog 50, cab used Suhr 2X12 loaded with Celestion Heritage Series G12-65, mics Heil PR30 and PR40, cables used for guitar, patch, and mic Accusound, pedal board is by Chemistry Design Werks, strings GHS Boomers 10-46, and pick used Ultex 1.14mm Jim Dunlop). For this tone/lesson, I am using three pedals - Dark Matter (distortion), Hall of Fame (reverb), and the Alter Ego (echo). Also I want to give special thanks to Grace Constable for snare and videography work and Martin Walters for audio recording.

Chelsea Constable - Signature Tone/Lesson - Intro "Cliffs of Dover" By Eric Johnson