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Hey guys! So, I wanted to give that blue sun a shot! As a big fan of Destiny potato and David Maxim Mimic, I must say, this is a cover that I really enjoyed making. It's the right amount of experimenting and creativity mixed with groovy grooves, memorable melodies and an incredibly convincing musicality. The tuning is quite unique as well: Ab, Eb, Ab, Eb, Ab, Bb. Credits to Denorel92 for creating tabs for this as well (: I took the freedom to get creative with expanding the clean chords in the verse, cause you can never get too much of those jazzy chords. 

As you might notice, I'm using a different guitar.
I had the pleasure of borrowing my boyfriends lovely guitar:
An Ibanez RG1527z 7 string with bareknuckle miracle man pickup set. I recorded the guitar with his axefx I, made myself a new patch with a rectifier red preamp, recorded two tracks and panned them left and right. Put some additional compresser and eq on top to make it appear better in the mix. The program I have been using this time around is Cubase 7, which is quite nice for simple projects like this.
As to why I got this lucky, getting to borrow my boyfriends nice gear, I had quite an eventfull time trying to get this recorded: My own 6 string RG broke, while I was trying to change strings (damned floyd rose..). As it just happens, I had just made a project out of blocking the tremolo in order to be able to tune it down, and everything had worked out - until the strings needed changing :D
So, if it weren't for my sweet boyfriend, this cover would not have been up till in a month or so :D
If you are stoked to see a female guitarist and enjoy female fronted as well as melodic hard rock/metal, you might find my band forever still enjoyable as well as destiny potato.

Feel free to comment and give a thumbs up or thumbs down, if that's what you feel like. There's more to come, so if you like my style, just click follow, and the stuff will keep rolling in for ya ;D
Thank you for watching! Seeya in my next video

Destiny potato - Blue sun guitar cover (with bareknuckle miracleman pickups)

Destiny potato - Blue sun guitar cover (with bareknuckle miracleman pickups)

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