Mohini Dey: Pace of Mind - Mentors & Mohini Dey - Instrumental Music

SAKHA, mentored by Percussion Maestro Taufiq Qureshi on the #LifeIsMusic competition, won the contest when the results were announced at the end of Episode 12 last week. This week, the band performs along with the three maestros, Louiz Banks, Purbayan Chatterjee and Taufiq Qureshi as well as Bass prodigy Mohini Dey and recreates the magic of Pace of Mind.

Listen to the sounds of the Sarod, Sitar, Electric and Bass Guitar mix well with the Drums that complement the stringed instruments. Also watch out for the melodic jugalbandi between Taufiq Qureshi on the Drums and Keyur Barve on the Djembe in this composition. Don't miss Purbayan Chatterjee's ace-Sitar-playing in Pace of Mind Version 2.

Let’s start a musical journey and explore our huge collection of instrumental music, best instrumental songs, and musical band online, only on #LifeIsMusic.

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Pace of Mind (Version 2) - SAKHA ft. Mentors & Mohini Dey - Instrumental Music