Angel Ruiz: new album of classic instrumental rock from Madrid

1. Sinfonia concertante No. 1 in Em: 1. "Molto Allegro" 7:09
2. Em Sinfonia concertante No. 1 in 2. "Andante" 3:12
3. Em Sinfonia concertante No. 1 in 3. "Allegro" 4:32
4.19:28 Luke 4:16
5. The Coquette (feat Nestor de la Fuente & Pablo Sanpa) 4:11
6. Sanpalandia 2:22
7. Sleep Walk "Santo & Johnny" (feat Anaut & Pablo Sanpa & Javier Sanchez) 5:34
8. Nana (feat Carlos Rufo) 4:46
9. Hope 4:27
10. Saba's Queen 4:03
11. obtus 3:19
Angel Ruiz. Guitars, Programming orchestra, bass, drums and organ
All items (except Sleep Walk) composed, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Angel Ruiz.
Recordings made between March 2016 and September of the same year.
musicians Guests:
Nestor source: Voice in item 5.
Paul Sanpa: guitar solos on items 5 and 7
Alberto Anaut: Solo guitar in item 7
Javier Sanchez: Solo guitar in item 7
Carlos Rufo: Solo guitar theme 8

I thank first my Lord Jesus Christ. Without him, it would be impossible to even breathe, much less write . It is by Him, through Him and for Him everything I do, say or write in the score. Having
said that, I want to first thank Lucio Riess, for having clarified thousand questions about music theory, without him it would have been impossible to finish shape my symphony, thanks! I
also thank Paul Sanpa and Javier Sanchez advice you have given me to improve my blues and my phrasing in general. I
thank Anaut and Carlos Rufo having wanted to work on my album, for me has been an honor.
I also thank Nestor de la Fuente their support, both material and musical.
I hope you like my work, and enjoy it .
a greeting
Angel Ruiz
released October 27, 2016