Garrett Peters: Wintersun Audition - great job

My audition video for Wintersun!
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So as some of you know, Wintersun is looking for a second guitar player! They asked that you play the first 6 riffs and leads (with a click track and no backing track), a minute of playing whatever you wanted, and to talk a little bit about yourself. So here it is... wish me luck! :D

1. Sons Of Winter And Stars “Behold The Rain Of Stars" (0:37)
2. Sons Of Winter And Stars "Killer Riff" (1:00)
3. Battle Against Time "Intro Riff" (1:28)
4. Battle Against Time "Verse Riff" (1:52)
5. Starchild “Meshuggah” Riff (2:21)
6. Death And The Healing "Sweeps" (2:37)
7. Shadowless Riff #1 (3:02)
8. The Way Of The Fire "Downpicked solo" (3:21)
9. Shadowless Riff #2 (3:34)

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Wintersun Audition | Garrett Peters