Chelsea Constable: gets TC Electronic - artist profile page

Chelsea Constable

Special thanks to TC Electronic for my artist profile page (check out link below) and the wonderful gear they produce! I am truly honored to be endorsed by such a great company!! Please check back for more of my product demos and reviews!

"From child prodigy to YouTube sensation, Chelsea Constable knows her way around the fretboard better than most seasoned guitarists.Chelsea Constable was born to master the guitar. She first felt the itch to pick up the instrument, when she was but 10-years old and wanted to learn the traditional “Greensleeves” for a church Christmas play. She was quickly considered a prodigy.
From then on she developed a passionate interest in instrumental guitar music and soon discovered advanced players like Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert, and Andy Timmons, soaking up their dexterous and accomplished techniques to form her own unique expression." More

Chelsea Constable - Signature Tone/Lesson - "Sultans of Swing" By Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits

Chelsea Constable - Signature Tone/Lesson - Intro "Cliffs of Dover" By Eric Johnson