Jerry Rosenkrans: Graveless Studios - Riffage

Recorded at Graveless Studios in St. Louis. This video was taken after a fun session of comparing Helix and Fractal tones in order to decide which to use for the new upcoming Rosenkrans material.

In 2017, I will be releasing two EPs. One called "Less" and one called "More." Long story short, "Less" will be more laid back, relaxing jams while "More" will be on the heavier, more "techy" side of things. Both will be very guitar-oriented instrumental releases, obviously.

The audio from this clip is a mixture between the Line 6 Helix and the Axe FX II rhythm tones. We used the Fractal for the bass tone, and actually used both the Helix and the Fractal for the ambient lines. We really just could not decide which we liked more, so we used both. Still barely touched, mix-wise, but we're excited about getting these **HEAVY** tracks going!

ROSENKRANS // Graveless Studios // Riffage