Darren Housholder: Jizzy's Love Hate - Spinning wheel. Black out in the Red room

Tom Quayle: The Guitar Hour relaunches next week with a schedule and special guests

Jack Fliegler: ESP LTD SN-1000 - Arizona-based Singularity shredder sends his technical metal chops on a ride

Johnatha Bastos - flying feet - rocking with some toe tapping!

Gus G: shows you how he plays the Ozzy song "Bark at the Moon."

George Lynch: Rock Legend discusses phrasing ideas based on pentatonic scale patterns

Martin Miller: demos the Ibanez Talman TM1702M & TM1730M

Ron Thal: Bumblefoot - Gear Good interview Axes & Anchors cruise 2016

Takayoshi Ohmura: Cross Hard - Phrase Commentary - Full version

Syu Merupakan: Galneryus - under the force of courage

John Petrucci: Dream Theater - the astonishing - Phrase Commentary

Marty Friedman: Interview - Gear Gods - Axes and Anchors and with Orchestra

Chris Brooks: Win a Seymour Duncan guitar pickup

Kelly Simonz: Transcendence guitar seminar's first DVD release!

Tony Martinez: Sizzling Suhr Custom Tele Late At Night Solo

Rick Graham: Stunning Creative Arpeggio Sequences

Paul Gilbert, Kiko Loureiro, Ron Thal, Bruce Bouillet, Andy Timmons: Great Guitar Escape Guests Announced! Limited spaces!!

Gus Drax: Break The Core - Sunburst Playthrough

Virgil Donati: Holdsworth Looking Glass improv practice

Samuli Federley: Neutrino Pulse - working on video editing techniques

Josh Smith: KTBA at Sea Cruise (Full Show) 2016

Lin,Kyosuke : Abstracts - Hologram preview and Japan tour dates

Andre Nieri: Suhr Music Force Dealer Select Limited Run Modern - Sound Demo

Jared Dines: Hello Kitty Acoustic Metal

Gianluca Ferro: Scala & Augmented phrasing _ plus live shows in Japan with Spark 7 and Isao Fujita

Francesco Artusato: Devil You Know - official live video 'Consume The Damned',

Sam Coulson: Jamming on a Vintage Charvel - top line picking

Alex Rudinger: Good Tiger - "Where Are The Birds"

John 5: Discusses the Fender American Elite Telecaster

Alec Kahney, James Monteith: Tesseract Live Paris (Full show) 15 02 2016

Leah Woodward: 1 Girl vs. 6 Guitars - Blackmachine Guitars, Strandberg Guitars & Carillion Guitars