Kelly Simonz: Transcendence guitar seminar's first DVD release!

Transcendence guitar seminar's first DVD release! ! "Transcendence Guitar Seminar 2016 @ Shimamura musical instrument LaLaport Koshien shop" finally on DVD guitar seminar of Kelly Simonz boasts 160 times the above-described number of times. nana transcendence that the guitar contest seminar being held mainly Future Destination playing commentary of becoming main. Other transcendence guitarist nourishing formed cast of repertoire and original songs, and such as a cover of Geirimua, Gitapure becoming what you enjoy playing and fun talk to anyone other than the Year.

01. Future Destination -EVOLUTION- ~奏法解説~
02. Future Destination for nana 模範演奏① ~奏法解説~
03. Future Destination for nana 模範演奏②
04. 四季 from 孤高のクラシック名曲編
05. アヴェ・マリア from 孤高のクラシック名曲編
06. 悲愴ピアノソナタ from 孤高のクラシック名曲編
07. EX-97 from 超絶ギタリスト養成ギプス
08. Still Got The Blues (Gary Moore)
09. I am your Judgement Day
10. Tales Of The Viking
11. Opus#1

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I am your Judgement Day - Kelly SIMONZ from Guitar Clinic DVD

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