Christina Skjolberg: ripping live performances of Hendrix tunes at Gregers Hamar 2015

Carina Alfie: guardian angels , en vivo The cavern 2016

Stel Andre: Super stoked with his new White Pearl Music Man JP7

Luís Kalil: Guitar Recordings - Session for the New Album 2016

Kevin Peters: Breaking The Silence - Just Shredding - complete two handed tapping technique

Jonathan Kreisberg: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum and Stella By Starlight - Trio at Bar Next Door NYC 2016

Sam Birchall: Jamming over a rough backing track for my E.P.

Dan Smith, Dave Brons, David Beebee, Tom Quayle: The Guitar Hour live stream - Season One Episode Six

Rowan J Parker: Robot Licks! - Tasteful Arpeggios

Chris Brooks: Richie Kotzen Telecaster arrived just now

Jared Dines: Ultimate Shred Song with 15 guest solos

Aaron Marshall: Intervals guitar players goes through his rig for the Intervals The Shape of Colour tour.

Sithu Aye, Aaron Marshall: Transient Transistors - third single off new double album, 'Set Course for Andromeda'

Guthrie Govan: ESM jam session Barcelona 2016

Danilo Ciamprone: "Moment's Notice" Solo - Coltrane guitar cover

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Shred On Jam Guest Solo

Drewsif Stalin: Metal Machinery Presets