Marco Pisani: Sunset - for the Six String Theory Competition 2016.

Lucas Zembrzuski: Looper Jam #8 - creating layers to improvise over.

Andreas Šala: Hue - Wreck Guitars BlueMorpho 6 - performance for new solo album - great progressive rock

Rick Graham: Classic Player 60's Strat Improvisation

Niko Tsonev: Suhr Monster Hybrid Picking and a little Cub Howl Blues

Jack Daniels: Kiesel Guitars Aries Metal Playthrough

Michael Angelo Batio, Mistheria: Vivaldi Metal Project adds MAB to the project!

Lars Eric Mattsson, Alex Masi, Derek Sherinian: Condition Red - Illusion Of Truth

Chris Steberl: Project Alcazar - Chasin Voodoo new Lion Music Release

Adam Bentley: Absently - Open Mind - full album stream

LorePaz, Rodrigo Alpe: No Rush - Randall amps

Adam Rafowitz, Cameron Rasmussen: Sound Struggle - Rise with a string section in The Ark at Berklee.

Jackel Pun: The Humanatee - first instrumental single

Kirill Konyaev: Padalka Guitars - "Moon" review

Samuli Federley: JTC Jam Of The Month May 2016

Min: Free Wing - G.O.D. II - PRS 30th Anniversary Custom 24 Demo - classic tones

Claudio Pietronik: As Dreams Were Reached Again - cool tones

Mario Camarena,Erick Hansel, Yvette Young: Chon and Covet announce a show date

Julian Rodriguez: Last few days of Elitist guitarist's Indigogo instrumental solo album fundraiser

Richard Daudé: Performance for Lick Library