Roger Pedersen: Sweep Sheep - live from my basement

Allen Hinds: Guitar Techniques magazine (1080p HD)

Brett Garsed: Grasshopper (HD) - Guitar Techniques magazine

Adrian Weiss,Christian Münzner: ENGL TV - Hacienda from Easy Game

Paul Gilbert: Scarified - The Terrifying Tales of Paul Gilbert - Three new additions

Mark Jansen, Mike LePond: Universal Mind Project - Truth

Igor Paspalj: Hangover Blues - awesome Fractal Audio Axe Fx II.

Samuli Federley: An ambient improvisation

Simone Mularoni: DGM - The Passage EPK

Rick Graham: Improv with the USA Strat

Jon Gomm: Interview and Performance - Wukan Motorcycle Kid

Lari Basílio: The Same Forever - Suhr is heaven

Damian Salazar: Arpeggios virtuoso street guitar player in Buenos Aires Argentina

Scott Mishoe: Demonstrating New And Cool Tapping Licks

Rob Garland: Guitar Lesson Using The Melodic Minor Scale Lydian Dominant

Guthrie Govan: Odd Time Licks: Vol.4 11/8

Kim Se-Hwang: Boss ME-80, The Technicians and Love Story

Stuart Hamm: All-Star Trio Also Features Korean Sensation - Kim Sehwang on Guitar and Jeff Bowders on Drums

Yngwie Malmsteen: World on Fire available for pre order in Japan

Akira Takasaki: guitar collection book of to celebrate the 35th anniversary debut of the band Loudness