Akira Takasaki: guitar collection book of to celebrate the 35th anniversary debut of the band Loudness

Guitarist of the band "LOUDNESS" the legendary
cover the guitar collection of Akira Takasaki! By the music magazine "Player" supervision ultimate guitar photo collection. It celebrated its 35th anniversary debut in the 2016 band "LOUDNESS" in the legend. In recent years the festival participation in the US tour and Europe , such as expanding the activities abroad. New album of self-remake in July the "SAMSARA FLIGHT ~ samsara flight ~" will be released.

The guitarist Akira Takasaki, such as decorate the Japanese's first cover in "BURRN" magazine a popular guitarist in the world, has attracted overwhelming support from favorite guitar. In this document, the trade mark of the guitar, of course, Marshall said that the central Takasaki sound also amplifier system and effects system introduction. Himself and officials of interviews, musical instrument text was also achieved, such as high material value permanent preservation version guitar book. [Product Specifications] ● Specifications: B4-size hard cover luxury photo book (about 100 pages) shrink packaging ● reservation privilege: magazine "Player" in the past article data-ROM CD -B4-size original guitar post card

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