Yngwie Malmsteen: World on Fire available for pre order in Japan

Still champion Yngwie Malmsteen return to reign in the top !!
about 4 years of spectacular new album! That was confronted by the terrible king guitarist playing neo-classical system speed of the metal scene leading, previous work of Yngwie Malmsteen "SPELLBOUND "since then, the new album! of about 4 years followed the flow from the previous work Yngwie guitar, in addition to the acoustic guitar in addition to being their own lead vocals in charge, the base, and even more to play cello, until the sitar He was confronted by a multi-talented, and just finished in the worthy of the name of the king album. Installation intensive was the classic phrase in the Instrumental of music packed Yngwie unique music of virtuoso shred playing Visit! Japanese board is sound production is also good in the SHM-CD specification, reproduced to clear up minor playing! ■ Japan board only SHM-CD specification

  1. WORLD ON FIRE World on Fire
  2. SORCERY Sorcery
  3. ABANDON abandon
  4. TOP DOWN, FOOT DOWN top-down foot down
  5. LOST IN THE MACHINE Lost In The Machine
  6. LARGO - EBM Lago EBM
  7. NO REST FOR THE WICKED Noresuto For The Wicked
  8. SOLDIER Soldier
  9. DUF 1220 Duff 1220
  11. NACHT MUSIK nut Music