Michael Angelo Batio: coming soon... you know you want one!!

Tom Quayle: Elba - The clock is ticking, fuse is lit!

Alessandro Benvenuti: Ripping for the The Elba Triangle - The clock is ticking on the fundraiser!

Ron Thal, Zendhy Kusuma: perform Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love

Andrea Maccianti: jam over Marco Sfogli BT - Improvisation Late into the Night - neighbours asked for an encore!

Millisa Henderson: Jack Thammarat - Mr. Frontman - Great performance

Ihsahn: Frozen Lakes on Mars - Aristides 080s playthrough

Keith Merrow: Seymour Duncan Forza Overdrive Pedal

Sergio Paganini: Sky Driver/Orange Place - Tone Test Sky Driver - boost overdrive orange place - crunch overdrive

Niko Tsonev: Japanese Fernandes guitar fitted with a Sustainer - Violin tones on tap!

Pilla Sousa: Neoclassical - performance playthrough Shred Guitar

Pete Pachio: Bad Karma progressive metal EP from Chicago - includes limited edition physical CD