Tom Quayle: Elba - The clock is ticking, fuse is lit!

I am working with Tom Quayle to give away two special prizes for a couple of lucky guys who invest in this project ... could it be you.

Tom Quayle

Inner Urge - The Elba Triangle Vol.1
Here's a short practice solo for 'Inner Urge' by Joe Henderson from the upcoming album - The Elba Triangle Vol.1. This amazing album is a collaboration between myself, Alessandro Benvenuti and Marco Sfogli, accompanied by: -
Drummers - Virgil Donati and Walle Wahlgren.
Bass - Anton Davidyants and Junior Braguinha.
Keyboards: Alex Argento.

We need your help to support the album via our Indiegogo campaign - we've nearly hit our goal but we need another little push! You can support the album and get some great rewards here.