Kenny Serane: Jam Of The Month - June 2016

Dannyjoe Carter: Blades Reaper Demo

Michael Angelo Batio, Troy Grady: Interview: Arpeggio Origins

Damian Salazar: Hotel California version - amazing street version

Carmen Vandenberg: Alley Cat Jam - Jeff Beck's New Co-Guitarist

News: Win $250 Goody Bag of Perri’s Products In Photo Competition

Lari Basílio: BIAS FX presets Low Gain Lead and Tele Rhythm

Simone Mularoni: DGM - "Animal" Official Music Video

Diego Budicin: Picking Control - Metal Practice - tasty picking

Bagas Ramadhan: Happy as Larry - 13 year old - time to burn your guitars... again!

Mamoru Morishita: Impressions - John Coltrane 2016

Sam Coulson: Rocking The Minor Blues

Lalle Larsson: Karmakanic Tour 2010 - stunning keyboard solo

Lorenzo Venza: Channel Trailer II - Available for Skype lessons.

Dallton Santos, Bruno Valverde, Felipe Andreoli: Live at EM&T - top line Brazilian Rock Fusion

Joel Rodrigues: Medley - two hands, three necks

t-cophony: 2am balloon

Arturo Garcia: Inner Urge - The Elba Triangle - Tom Quayle solo

Rusty Cooley: Improv with Grip It 'N' Rip It!

Anouck André: A Matter of Perception Guitar Contest

Kirill Konyaev: "Conquista" EP Official YouTube Stream