David T Chastain: Chastain announces Chastainium available for pre order


Chastain - Chastainium
Expected April 21, 2017

Song Title
1 We Must Carry On (Remastered)
2 The 7th of Never (Remastered)
3 The Voice of the Cult (Remastered)
4 Chains of Love (Remastered)
5 For Those Who Dare (Remastered)
6 Night of Anger (Remastered)
7 Love and Hate (Remastered)
8 Angel Falls (Remastered)
9 Human Sacrifice (Remastered)
10 Desperately (Remastered)
11 Bullet from a Gun
12 Tortured Love
13 Evil Awaits Us (Uncut)
14 Call of the Wild (Uncut)
15 We Bleed Metal (V2017)
16 Against All the Gods (V2017)