Joel Gregoire: grabs an endorsement from Hughes and Kettner!!

Joel Gregoire

I am beyond excited to announce that I just got endorsed by Hughes and Kettner!! I fell in love with these amps when i first got to play and hear them in the mid to late 90's at Texas Music Emporium. As most of you know, I've been playing their amps going on 2 decades now and this is beyond a dream come true for me! I want to thank Laurence Bell and the entire Hughes and Kettner family for giving me this incredible opportunity and for adding me to their artist roster!! I also want to thank Hugh Meyer and Jim Jim Rod Capp at Texas Music Emporium for always believing in me and helping me!! say I've been on an emotional roller coaster since last weekend is a huge understatement...losing my beloved Triamp mark 1 was devastating to me and i honestly was in a serious depressive state of mind...but many of you have shared my grief and my post on my lost amp and cab and i am forever grateful to you all!! I still pray it finds its way back to me and hope it does......

i received my brand new H&K Triamp mk3 last night and my mind is totally blown!! THIS IS THE BEST AMP I've ever heard!!! ...i cant wait for all of you to hear it the next time we play out!!!...thanks again everyone for your love, concern and support!!!!