Sithu Aye: The Power of Love and Friendship! || Positive Grid BIAS FX Demo

Rony Janecek: John Wolfhooker - Sectumsempra Friedman BE100

Jose Macario: Flamenco 8 string

Andre Nieri: 44 Days (Positive Grid)

Marshall Harrison: Guitar Licks from My Album Presto-Digitation

Chris Letchford: In A World Of Fear - Pre Order details and massive list of guest players

Ian Ethan Case: The Circle (4 Seasons in 1 Day)

‎Øyvind Owane Pedersen: Owane - Real footage of our adventures making the 3rd album - Studio Update 2017

Mateus Asato: [MusicForce] Suhr Classic Antique(Pro) Demo by Guitarist

Larry Mitchell: 4 minutes with the Q7 firmware update for the fractal Audio AX8

Samuli Federley: ripping guest solo for an international collab video

Fran Alonso: Epicaster - demo test