David Maxim Micic: Recording Guitars... ON A BUDGET!!

George Marios: Kody - The Powerful Sessions

Brad Bradbury: Funk Rock Backing Track in E.

Lari Basílio: Maati Baani Solo 2 + Moko Kahaan Original Song

Nili Brosh: "Silence of Saturday" Solo

Magnus Karlsson, Mike Terrana: The Ferrymen - Eyes on the Sky

Kurt James: Dr Mastermind Dance of the Demons - smoking soloing

George Cherouvim: ArkOvLies - The Dusk

Roberto Restuccia: When The Smoke Clears

Derryl Gabel: Allan Holdsworth The Drums Were Yellow Solo

Rob Guz: Tokyo Dream - theme in 11-stringed rendition

Yana Kokh: Eric Johnson - SRV

Lee Wrathe: Saturday Shred on the Ibanez S5570Q RBB

Jake Cloudchair, Tokie: playing with One Control pedals

News: line up days announced for UK Tech-Fest 2017

Jack Thammarat: Live Jam -

Marty Friedman: Self Pollution is the debut track from Marty's forthcoming album, Wall of Sound, plus some smoking gear demos

Doug Steele: Shred Durst: I is back!! Helping Toastin Assassi

Pellumb Qerimi: Dua Lipa - New Rules - Pellumb Qerimi - Guitar Improvisation

Kirk Fletcher, Josh Smith: playing a pair of Original 1958 Fender Stratocasters

Kelly Simonz: Opus#1 - Blind Faith Live

Steve Hunt, Rick Beato: Sounding Off With the Allan Holdsworth Keyboardist

Akihiko Onji: Two-Hand Tapping Another Day - EGOguitar Marconi LAB

Adam Bentley: Arch Echo - "AfterBurger" Playthrough - This is the state of the art progressive music

John Petrucci: Guitar Run with tech Maddi Schieferstein

Andrea Maccianti: Axe-Fx2/AX8 Patch - Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo Inspiration

Ola Englund: Solo in 4K 60 Frames per second test

Jeff Kollman, Ric Fierabracci: Storytime with Chad Smith -'Shilo's Forbidden City Blues' -Live Meatbats