Samuli Federley: Lydian Overture

Brev Sullivan: Allan Holdsworth style Strandberg Boden

Arianna Powell: Tim & Pete's Guitar Show #13 with Arianna Powell

Mika Tyyskä: Classic Metal Workout - Guitar Lesson - How to play in style of Iron Maiden, Dio, Rainbow...

Rick Graham: 'Victory' by Andy James - My Guest Solo LESSON

Elmo Karjalainen: Practical Tip #1 and The Fender Yngwie Stratocaster

Jose Macario: Strandberg OS8 Classic and Metal Guitar

Eric Steckel, Ally Venable: Gas Monkey Bar & Grill-dallas, Tx - 8/5/17

Yasi Hofer: Eclipsed featuring Hellmut Hattler on Bass

Alberto Barsi: track from 15 years old Italian guitarist debut album.

Josh Pascoe, Jared Phillips: Majora - Aphotic new album pre order