Alex Masi: New Album in 2018 Let's indiegogo!

Alex Masi New Album in 2018
I have released eight solo and five band albums (received a Grammy nomination in 1989), toured extensively all over the world both as a solo artist and with my bands. I have collaborated with many great artists both in the studio and on stage, the one I'm most proud to have been associated with is the late, great Allan Holdsworth who's been a huge hero of mine and a never ending influence since my teenage years. Musically speaking I've always been into all kinds of music, I started on the piano when I was kid and the classical influence is still there as clearly shown in my "classical trilogy series" (In the Name of...) where I recorded music by JS Bach, WA Mozart and LV Beethoven but I've also always been attracted to modern music with a high level of groove and Rock is where I've been feeling at home for a few decades now.


With this Indiegogo campaign I hope for the first time in my career to be actually independent from the various restrictions and obstacles one encounters when dealing with record labels at all levels. The freedom of knowing I can record the music I hear in my head without having some record company exec telling me what I should or shouldn't do is HUGE!


Contributors to my campaign will help achieve the goal of recording and releasing an album full of brand new music, something that's becoming more and more difficult to do in recent years due to the global phenomenon of digital downloads and piracy and the consequent effect it has had on the music industry and, more specifically, on the artists. Plus I plan on using a recording studio other than my home studio and finally record in the same room with the musicians, something I haven't been to do for a few years on my solo albums

What We Need & What You Get
The money raised from this campaign will go to booking studio time, especially for recording drums, getting a great sounding room for the drums, a great drummer and the right engineers to capture the performance is critical to the success of an album. I'll also be hiring some great musicians to play with me on the record. Then right after the mixing and mastering the album will need artwork and, finally, pressing copies to send to you, contributors, first
I have a number of perks specifically associated to this project ranging from receiving the album before it's actually released, private 1 on 1 lessons, a guitar I've recorded with on previous albums and more
The Impact
Contributing to this project, I believe, will make you part of the effort that many musicians, like myself, are making in order to keep new music coming out.
My previous albums like Attack of the Neon Shark, the Bach, Mozart, Beethoven classical trilogy and the other ones have fared quite well both with critics and audiences around the world, even a Grammy nomination
With your help I plan on getting this project completed by June 2018
Risks & Challenges
There won't be any time wasted in the studio like in the old days when with big budgets people felt like they could afford spending days writing parts in the studio, all the material will be ready to be recorded from day one.

Other Ways You Can Help

Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign.
Even if you wish you could contribute financially but you can't at the moment, please, feel free to spread the word around on social media, friends, fellow musicians etc I will deeply appreciate any help you guys out there can direct my way!
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