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In this video I want to show you around my studio, how I make YouTube videos and some of my gear.

I use the Sling Studio for the live camera switching. I also use three Panasonic Lumix cameras.

The Sling Studio acts as the hub for the entire studio, it creates its own wireless connection and allows me to record everything into a dedicated hard drive. All of that is controlled with the free app on my Ipad.

As far as the audio goes, for my voice I use a Rode pin mic. My guitar, amps, backing tracks, etc. are connected to my sound card, a MOTU 1248. As I record the video, I'm recording all these audio sources into Logic Pro, too.

I run my Backing Tracks in the Transcribe App using the Infinity Usb Foot Controller.

Once the recording is done I plug the hard drive into my computer and export the one video file. Because all the camera switching is done in real time I only have to edit the mistakes. Finally, I'll add the intro and outro.

This setup allows me to work less time, but being much more efficient!

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