Sergey Golovin: 'Learn To Play: Bouncing Ball' |

NEW - Sergey Golovin's 'Learn To Play: Bouncing Ball' |
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Proving once again why he's on the precipice of modern metal guitar playing, Sergey Golovin returns with his brand new track 'Bouncing Ball'! This 'Learn To Play' package comes complete with slow versions of some key moments in the track to really help you study it in detail!

This hard hitting, progressive and highly creative track is crammed full of technical and compositional wizardry that you can dissect, and learn note for note! Filled with interesting chord voicings, choppy rhythms, and plenty of odd time signatures, this drop-A track is quite the monster and we have everything you need to try and tame it!

Featuring blissful melodies, flurries of super sonic shred and all the best guitar techniques such as legato, slides, alternate picking, bending, harmonics, palm muting, there’s heaps to keep you busy! Sergey will certainly keep you on your toes while learning this one!

Alongside the full track Video/Audio/TAB, Sergey has included 18 key moments from the track played slowly each coming with audio, video, TAB and ‘lick tips’ notes. Lastly, we’ve thrown in the full backing track for when you’re ready to tackle this mighty track!

So what are you waiting for? Grab that axe, hit the download button and prepare for an intense technical and musical workout as you master Sergey’s latest creation!

Check out the promo video in the 'Overview' tab, then click the ‘Buy’ button (for instant download) or hit +MyLibrary to start learning today and raise your game with JTC!

'Learn To Play: Bouncing Ball' |