Susan Santos: Hot Guitar Solo Finale, Susan Santos Band, Breda Jazz Festival 2018

Super end to a great set of music, with a hot guitar solo from Susan Santos, when she and her band performed at Breda Jazz Festival on Saturday, May 12th, 2018. Susan played on the ‘Avans Talent podium – Kerkplein’. The Breda Jazz festival is held annually in the beautiful city of Breda, The Netherlands, draws a huge audience, and features top bands and musicians on stages spread throughout the city, both outdoors and indoors, a fantastic event!
Susan Santos – guitar, vocals
David Salvador Fructuoso – bass
Mario Carrión Garcìa - drums
Extract from Susan's website:
His great passion for music led him to learn, in a self-taught way, to play the guitar and sing. Little by little he was creating his own songs and his particular style of understanding music. After going through several formations, in 2009 he moved to Madrid and created under his name, Susan Santos, his project, a power trio that mixes rock, blues and other American roots music. After having released "Take me Home", (Grasa Records, 2010), "Shuffle Woman", (Peer Music, 2012) and "Electric Love" (Paella Records, 2014), in April 2016 "Skin & Bones" (Paella) came out Records.) And at the end of 2017, the single "In Trouble" advance of what will be in this 2018 its new and 5th album. "Skin & Bones" is his fourth album and has been recorded in Madrid in 3 days the old way, all at the same time, with his usual trio formation. It has been mixed in Los Angeles (California) and produced by Juan de Dios Martín. Susan Santos with her voice, her energetic guitar style and her attractive staging, has managed to open a significant gap in the blues rock scene in Europe. In 2017 he toured Europe, and from May 2018 he will go through different important European festivals. "I have the feeling that" Skin & Bones "is the album that Susan Santos always wanted to make, the sound horizons have expanded and there is an atmosphere of comfort, there is closeness and complicity in each groove, Susan has grown a lot, skin, but now we have reached the bone".