Husa Toledo, Mirko Buschiazzo: Zettai from Statera Deluxe Edition

Statera (BC Deluxe Edition)
by Husa Toledo

1.Statera (feat. Cartoon Theory) 01:42
2.Zettai (feat. Mirko Buschiazzo) 07:03
3.Mind Waterfall 05:10
4.Opressor's Justice? (feat. Joey Izzo) 06:32
5.Equality 05:27
6.Despairs of Escape (instrumental version) 05:15
7.Cave of Faces (instrumental version) 06:33
8.One Hundred Milion Hits of Fury (instrumental version) 07:11

"Zettai" (feat. Mirko Buschiazzo) [PLAYTHROUGH]