Bob Zabek: Spring Vibrations nice tapping on a cool Charvel

Richard Daudé: Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Tele Thinline LP Blue

Marco Puglisi: Syndrone - Heartbeta 2 0 Guitar Playthrough - ripping modern soloing

Michael Thompson: Nathan East & Band of Brothers Live in Korea 2018

Jose Macario, Soumia Ghechami: Modern Metal Solo Collab

Tim Pierce: Mitch Gallagher interviews at GearFest 2018

Giorgio Galimberti: DV Mark DV Little Guitar and DVMark Multiamp

Eva Vergilova: Live band - Cheapcaster back for the attack

Gyato Seo: Original Song - "A 3-Minute Cooking"

Terence Hansen: with Van Christensen - 'Shadow Machine'