Madaway: Collaboration # 1 | Kiwoong Choi (Choi Ki-woong), Madaway

We have created an artist collaboration video. Ambion and Modern Worship Guitar playing and music played by Madaway. Band 'Mass Avenue' and Lee Seung-hwan's band drummer Choi Kyung-woong will enjoy the first collaboration with drums. We're planning an series called 'Collaboration'. Here's the video No. 1, featured Madaway on the guitars and songwriting and Kiwoon Choi on the drums. Gears Used: Fibenare Guitars Roadmaster '56 Thinline Pearl Masters Maple Complete Drum Set Pearl 22 "Kick Pearl 14X6" Snare Pearl 10 "12 Toms Zildjian Prototype 14" Hi hat Zildjian K Dark 16 "Crash Zildjiane 18" Crash Zildjian K Custom 20 "Ride Zildjian A 10" Splash Mayonese Jabba Mala5 Federico Malaman Signature Bass Clear Tune Monitors AAW CTM In-ear Monitors Fuchs Overdrive Supreme ODS 50 Stone Age Custom Cabinet 2x12 Manley Dual Mono Mic Pre RME Fireface 802 Rode K-2 * MXL DX- 2 * * Mics were supported by Soundcat Check out more gear infos at our Facebook.

Collaboration # 1 | Kiwoong Choi (Choi Ki-woong), Madaway