Felix Martin: La Vaca Mariposa (The Butterfly Cow) Official Music Video

La Vaca Mariposa (El Becerrito)', the first single from new album Caracas - available April 12th.
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This single is a Venezuelan song called La Vaca Mariposa (El Becerrito) [The Butterfly Cow] transformed into progressive metal.

Storyline at 2:32 shows Manuel, homeless kid from Venezuela rescued by my high school friend to work in her farm. I'm always trying to help and try to contribute to the next generation of latino metal heads!

Directed and Edited by Felix Martin
Cameraman: Daniel Gomez
Guitar: Felix Martin @felixmartinmusic
Bass/Guitar: Javier Sepulveda @pulseofnature
Drums: Victor Carracedo @virusoide
Mixed / Mastered by Adam Bentley

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1.Quitapesares 03:56
2.La Vaca Mariposa (The Butterfly Cow)
3.Pajarillo 04:26
5.Grey Zuliana (Acoustic)
6.El Alcavaran
7.Zumba Que Zumba
8.Apure en un Viaje
9.El Diablo Suelto
10.Tonada de Luna Llena
11.Alma Llanera (Acoustic)
12.Caballo Viejo (Acoustic)

All the songs on this album are styles or traditional songs from Venezuela.

Dedicated to all the good people from Venezuela who fight for freedom. The idea of making this album came to me after being a protester/fighter in 2017 during the bloody protests in Caracas, after seeing so many people getting arrested, killed, emigrating to other countries (in exile) and the people who are living there struggling in the results of the dictator and tyrant regime. All the energy to make a change and impotence are reflected in these arrangements.
releases April 12, 2019

Felix Martin: Guitar, production, recording and editing.
Victor Carracedo: Drums
Javier Sepulveda: Bass
Adam Bentley: Mixing/mastering
All photography by Felix Martin.

Felix Martin - La Vaca Mariposa (The Butterfly Cow) Official Music Video