Brian Maillard: Follow Your Dreams |

Brian Maillard - Follow Your Dreams |
Video/Official Backing/TAB Available Here:

Brian has a unique and incredibly inspiring approach to melodies. Hearing this track really makes you want to find a way to jam along.

Inside this fantastic track, you'll find everything from subtle phrases and sweet arpeggios to monstrous picking sections and killer solos!

If you were equally as blown away by Brian's ballad track then you're in luck! We've now made available everything you need to learn this track note for note including complete TAB/Notation and backing too.

If you're up for the challenge of learning this fantastic addition to the world of guitar ballads, or you're just keen to delve deeper into the incredible mind of Brian Maillard, now is your chance to grab 'Follow Your Dreams'.

Brian Maillard - Follow Your Dreams |