Alex Machacek, Brett Garsed, Chris Buck: 3 Crows "it's a murder"

3rd video by 3 Crows from the album "it's a murder"...3 Crows is:

Bass and Vocal: Chris Buck

Drums: Marco Minnemann

All guitar tracks: Brett Garsed

Guitarist for video: Alex Machacek

Composed by: Chris Buck

Audio Mixing and Mastering: Ric Fierabracci

Audio produced by: Chris Buck and Ric Fierabracci

Executive Producer: John Battiston

Video Directed by: Shawn Bossick

Cameraman/Jib operator: Shawn Bossick

Cameraman/Dolly: David Sanchez

Cameraman: Jesse Arrow

Lighting supplied by: LA Grip

Matthew Felicetti (Matt Felly) and Kayla Riddle Lighting

Data Wrangler: Fairlie Arrow

Edited & colored by Shawn Bossick

Live sound equip and playback : Ray Ortega

Drums, sound gear and drum Tech: Ray Ortega/Ruben Abila

Marshall amps and grip: Tad Schumacher

Logistics management and catering: Janece Buck

Photography: Jay Matsueda

Additional photography: Patt Castleman

location coordinator: Thad Pracht

Chris Buck Plays: Skjold Basses and Guardian Pro Cables

Alex Machacek Plays: Strandberg guitars and Guardian Pro Cables

3 Crows "it's a murder"...Chris Buck, Marco Minnemann and Alex Machacek