Amin Saffar: Hyper Planet music teaser from the forthcoming album

Hey guys here’s a little taste of our band Hyper Planet forthcoming album be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest news and shred

Amin Saffar Instagram: aminhyperplanet
Armin Saffar Instagram: arminhyperplanet

Gear we used:

1- Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II
2- MLSOUNDLAB Dream Tones [John Petrucci] Artist pack [DOT preset-cab bundle] and Ampeg Bass .wav pack
3- Get Good Drums - Inavsion
4- Ibanez RG 1820X
5- Bareknuckle- Juggernaut set
6- Yamaha Bass TRB-6PII
7- Mackie Studio Monitors
8- Daddario American Stage cable
9- Dunlop John Petrucci signature pick [NYC]

Hyper Planet NEW!!! music teaser from the forthcoming album