Dallton Santos: ALIENS | Official Music Video (2019) Guitar Playthrough

ALIENS is a guitar instrumental rock fusion song. IS OUT NOW ON SPOTIFY, ITUNES, AMAZON, BANDCAMP, GOOGLE PLAY, DEEZER AND MORE. Enjoy :)

👽 Dallton official page: https://www.dallton.com
👽 Dallton instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dalltonsantosguitar/

👽 Video Produced by Dallton Santos
👽 Video capture by Rodrigo Lourenço
👽 Crop Circles Footage by The Hampshire Flyer

@felipeandreoli - Felipe Andreoli | bass
@alexcurioficial - Alex Curi | drums
@dalltonsantosguitar - Dallton Santos | guitar

ALIENS | Dallton Santos| Official Music Video (2019) Guitar Playthrough