Davide Pepi: Asteroids with Alex Argento, Claudio Pietronik

This plus in is seriously good!! I can't believe how simple it is to find the right tone for my songs!!
This is a little section of "Flying Higher", the 7th song of my last album ASTEROIDS

Asteroids by Davide Pepi

1.Binaural Echoes 04:50
2.Asteroids (feat. Alex Argento) 04:10
3.Spanish Fever 04:24
4.T.I.M.N 02:51
5.Misunderstorming Blues 04:18
6.Song for C 03:18
7.Flying Higher (feat. Claudio Pietronik) 06:06

Why Asteroids?

Because my songs can have the explosive power of an asteroid but, at the same time, they can take you by surprise and make you dream and desire like a sudden shooting star in a dark night.
released June 21, 2019

Archetype Nolly // Neural Dsp // Lead Sound Demo // Davide Pepi