Irene Ketikidi: Secrets of Melodic Rock Guitar

Course info:

Irene Ketikidi explores themes and melodies for rock guitar lead.

Irene lays the foundation for melodic rock playing with a primer on scale tone basics, triads and melodic fills.. then provides an in-depth look at how to apply these principles with rock-solid technique, articulation and phrasing. This lays the bedrock for the final leg of this course, where we learn to compose our ideas with thoughtful application of melody, harmony, tension and release, and elegant motifs. And finally, we wrap up the course with 4 awesome examples of how to apply these concepts in a musical setting.

Suited for guitarists of all skill levels, our emphasis will be on taking you from a "noodler" to a focused, articulate player with more refined note choice, intention and style.

Irene Ketikidi is a force to be reckoned with in the world of instrumental rock guitar. Her solo album "Martial Arts & Magic Tricks" (2013) received excellent reviews and has been complimented by the likes of Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe, Nita Strauss, Alex Skolnick and David Kilminster. Young Guitar Magazine has included Irene in the "Heroines of Now" column in 2014 and she has been featured in numerous publications such as Guitar World, Guitar Interactive and the Sound Guitar Magazine.

Irene rose to fame in early 2010 with her YouTube video of "Rambler", a track that landed her a place to perform live in front of Steve Vai at his Guitar Nation Masterclass in London later that year. She graduated from London's Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and was busy working as a tutor for the International Guitar Foundation summer courses. During the next few years, Irene worked as a session player with various artists from pop (Red N Pink, Cherry Lee Mewis), country (Colm Kirwan, Victoria Shaw, Heidi Feek), hip hop (AKS, J The Exodus), metal (Gravil) and toured extensively with female tributes The Femones (Ramones) and Back:N:Black (AC/DC).

In late 2013, she relocated to Greece, where she spent the next couple of years promoting her solo album release, working as the lead guitarist for Philippos Pliatsikas's show "The other side of blue" and touring with pianist and singer‐songwriter Lia Hide. Eternally in love with Satriani's music and inspired by the G3 tours, she ran and performed at the first Guitar Experience Festival in Athens (2016) with guitarists Anthimos Manti and Sakis Dovolis.

In May 2018, she released her second solo album "A Sky For All", a progressive rock record with mixed blues, fusion and post rock moments, and inspired by real life events. The recordings took place at MD recording studio in Athens, Greece and feature Michael Kapilidis on drums, Kostis Vihos on bass, Makis Tsamkosoglou on keys and Babis Tyropoulos on slide guitar.

Irene Ketikidi - Secrets of Melodic Rock Guitar