Nick Tarnofsky, JJ Powell: Here At The End - Come To Life

Fufux666: Tech Fest interviews UK 2018 as Tech Fest 2019 arrives

Joe Basílio: Until the End

Ulisses Miyazawa: Yngwie Malmsteen ( Seventh Sign) -

Ramon Gutierrez: Andromida - The Guitarmory Pickups Demo

Glenn Proudfoot: Monster Licks V3.0 No: 5

Gretchen Menn, Daniele Gottardo: Zepparella Sacramento - 2019

Mamoru Goriku: Counter - with ESP Snapper Spot Model

Zendhy Kusuma: - Prelude#5 - tasty original playthrough

Dylan Reavey: King Aura - live play though of my new tune

Alex Hutchings: Pentatonics & Bending: 4ths Tuning

Ian Rockett: Shattered Skies - Birth of a Voyager - .strandberg* Guitar Playthrough

Laura Cox: Band, Music, Youtube and Gear | Thomann

Steve Lukather: (Toto) - Gear Run 2019

Jay Tarantino: Etherius Guitar Tracking Highlights

Jason Richardson: Tries the Poontang Boomerang Delay Pedal from Steel Panther | Gear Gods

Ben Eunson: Ace Of Hearts - Single from upcoming album

Rusty Cooley: Shredder Returns With A New Sig Guitar

Jacky Vincent: Run, Don't Look Back / Jacky Vincent / Play Through

Marshall Harrison: Ultimate Guitar Technique show w M Harrison

Paul Gilbert: live in Dallas at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill on the Behold Electric Guitar Tour 2019.

Kim Sungwoo: This is Departure, which is about to be released

Adam Rafowitz, Adam Bentley: Arch Echo - Hip Dipper/Immediate Results/Aurora (Live in Montreal)

Marco Iacobini: A little preview of brand new single "Phoenix Rising".

Brandon Burch: Solo Inspired by Per Nilsson

Ayu Gusfanz: On Peregrine Wings By Joe Satriani

Sam Bell: 'Holding the Groove' | Andertons TV Guitar Jam Tracks Vol 4

Camilla Sperati: Solo over Holdsworth style backing track and DARK theme guitar solo

Tony MacAlpine: Live in Montreal and Québec City 2019

Gary Willis, Gergo Borlai, Mohini Dey: Groove A Day 128

Conor McGouran: Recording session for M-Opus

George Lynch: Mr Scary Lynch Mob at The Canyon Club Agoura 6/30/2019

Phil Demmel: "Dizzle Siren" Toneprint for Brainwaves Pitch Shifter

Luis Galang: Dean Zelinsky Private Label Dellatera CTS - very tasty original