Nick Tarnofsky, JJ Powell: Here At The End - Come To Life

Here At The End is the cross section between music and film. Founded in 2015 by guitarist Nick Tarnofsky, H.A.T.E. employs director Evan Buzzell to capture the story behind the music. With each musical release comes a short film designed to be experienced together. In 2019 H.A.T.E. added guitarist JJ Powell to the lineup and expects another cinematic release at the end of the year.

Gather Your Arrows

1.Last Light 02:53
2.Skywalker Ocean Grown 03:28
3.Come to Life 08:05

Here At The End : 'Gather Your Arrows EP'

A prisoner long held captive narrowly escapes his demise after stealing the only artifact that can guarantee his freedom.
Gather Your Arrows, an experimental short film by Evan Buzzell & Nick Tarnofsky, inspired by the music of HERE AT THE END.

Original Soundtrack by HERE AT THE END.
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released August 15, 2018

Written and Recorded by Nick Tarnofsky and Casey Lagos
Mixed and Mastered by Casey Lagos

Here At The End - Come To Life (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


Gather Your Arrows EP : Track 3 - 'Last Light'