Joe Satriani: Surfing With The Alien (DELUXE EDITION) - Record Store Day 2019

Nicola Schintu: Air - Jason Becker - TAPPING VERSION

Christone Ingram: "Kingfish" Reading, PA 2019 - Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD

Vitaly Shemetovets, Wes Thrailkill: Omnibeing Vortex - Progressive Metal / Instrumental

Andy Timmons: Ibanez AT100CL Andy Timmons Signature Demo

Youngmin Kim: Xotic USA Classic XTC-1 Heavy Aging Demo - 김영민

Paul Gilbert: Interview | 2019 | Gi Issue 69

Li-sa-X: dragonball - Joyo pedals China 2019

Christine Lanusse: Strandberg/Nordstrand powered mini band

Tramaine Jonathan: Shredding an Ibanez RG8

George Marios: "Your Mind" Guitar Solo Play-through

Andrew Jay: Shawn Lane tribute - The way it has to be - Into The Cosmos

Josh Meader: arrangement of Hoagy Carmichael's ballad Skylark

Sergey Golovin: Adversary Keto #8 - signature model

Jakub Beker: Polinimal- Lovely breakdowns