Andrew Jay: Shawn Lane tribute - The way it has to be - Into The Cosmos

Leonardo Guzman,Andrew Jay,Bruno Valverde, Marco Renteria: The Baked Potato sessions

Leonardo Guzman, Bruno Valverde, Andrew Jay,Marco Renteria: Jam at The Baked Potato

Andrew Jay,Leonardo Guzman: Hansel And Gretel!

Andrew Jay: six year on, but I stand by my comment.

Andrew Jay: Universe - an original piece, play through demoing techniques

Andrew Jay: performs live for Jason Becker

Andrew Jay,Jason Becker: live video from Jason's birthday party

Andrew Jay: Spirit - Dramatic change spotted on a faraway planet

Andrew Jay: One small phone screen, with one big player!

Andrew Jay: trys out new tune

Andrew Jay: The Grey Pattern reprise

Andrew Jay: a little light rippage - awesome chops alert

Andrew Jay: Paganini-16th Caprice

Andrew Jay: ripping for Terry

Andrew Jay,Magoo: Whitby - a spirit having flown

Andrew Jay: Perpetual Burn and End of the Beginning in tribute

Andrew Jay: The Translation of Thought

Andrew Jay: Paganini-16th Caprice - excellent rendition

Terry Syrek,Andrew Jay: tis the season to be ripping, fire up the Slurpie!