Funtwo: Story (Full Playthrough)

Learn Funtwo's "Story":

Racking up over 100 million YouTube views, Funtwo is one of the original viral guitarists.

‘Story’ is his melodious shred-filled ballad crammed with all manner of killer licks, essential techniques and thematic concepts that will help you tell a tale every time you pick up the guitar.

You’ll be using palm muting, bends, arpeggios, tapping, theme and variation, legato and vibrato to piece together one killer melodic masterpiece.

Along with the video and audio for the full performance, you’ll get 11 track sections played slow which each come with Funtwo’s exclusive accompanying video lessons. Also includes full tab/notation, slow backings to practise along with and two super slow backings to help you master the most challenging sections.

Step into Funtwo's shoes by harnessing his exceptional sound in the 'Tone and Gear' rundown section where he talks you through his precise signal path. For those who want to just get down and jam, he’s included the AxeFxII preset too.

Ignite your solos with the high-speed licks, massive bends and rockin’ riffs of Funtwo’s JTC debut.

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Funtwo - Story (Full Playthrough)