Christian Colabelli: Moment of Clarity

Solo section from "Moment of Clarity" from U.B.H.H"
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1.Snake (Instrumental) 03:58
2.Waving A White Flag (Instrumental) 03:07
3.The Merit Of An Argument (Instrumental) 04:42
4.A N G E L (Instrumental) 03:42
5.Writing History (Instrumental) 03:46
6.Moment Of Clarity (Instrumental) 04:48
7.Parasite (Instrumental) 04:46
8.Synchronicity (Instrumental) 04:04
9.Lady Parts Of Death (Instrumental) 03:17
10.Prayers And Curses (Instrumental) 03:37
11.Kept In A Shallow Grave (Instrumental) 04:09

""(Guitar Solo)" - Performed by Christian Colabelli