Luca Mantovanelli: Multiversum - Preview

Hey guys here's another quick preview! 20% funded and 50 days left..
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Hi everybody! Luca Mantovanelli here!

I am an italy based guitarist, I am here today to annunce my first solo album debut. I need your support to make my dream come true. As you know, to make a CD is very expensive.. musicians, mixing and mastering, production, artwork and a lots of other things.. so today you can preorder my album with a lot of ‘’extras’’.. like physical and signed CD, Digital downloads with Mama Pickups sets, Ibanez pedal and picks and lots of other options that my sponsors make available (Ibanez, Mama Pickups)..

I was born in Caserta, Italy.. into a musician family. Everyone in my family plays an instrument, so i started with wind instruments, drums, bass and guitar which is my main instrument. I am a self-taught but i was lucky to be a good friend of Marco Sfogli and Adriano Guarino who gaves my precious tips about guitar playing.

I played in a lots of different musical situation.. from a jazz big band to a fusion band, Guitar clinics around the world, music expos as an Ibanez artist. Collaboration with Greg Howe, PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi), Andrea Braido, Massimo Morriconi and more

Multiversum - Track 2 Preview